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About us

Our company founded by a group of IT industry veterans and talented specialists with deep expertise in software development and digital transformation. We offer our knowledge and full attention to clients to make their business processes more efficient and save their time.

Continuous evolution is an integral part of our team’s DNA. We welcome the opportunity to work with innovative technologies and the most complex projects. We carefully integrate each new experience into the foundation of our processes to be able to provide the best service.

Our mission is to become a skilled partner in your digital journey and help to achieve measurable results. You want to work with people who don’t waste your time, money, or focus. We bring a strong point of view focused on helping you find the right path forward.

We are here to take you from idea to launch.


Our Service

IT Consulting

To enforce your decision-making, our company delivers tailored consulting services, including technology and product roadmapping, legacy audit, workflows formalization, programs for technology refreshment and expansion.

System Analysis

We research and model business processes to identify the growth points of your business. Passing the data through the analytics filter, we provide a report that tells you how to make your processes more efficient.

Project Management

The project management model is chosen individually for each project, based on its needs. From among our performers, we choose those whose experience and expertise best match the achievement of your goals.


We develop, customize, migrate and modernize custom apps for specific business. Our strong skills Backend, Frontend, API development, 3rd party integrations, Full-cycle development, and Continous integration.

UI/UX Design

Attention to details, creativity, and understanding of user needs is what we put into your product to make it intuitive, functional and attractive.


Feature-rich mobile applications of any scale and complexity, from interactive B2C apps to enterprise-grade mobile solutions automating key business processes. We create native apps for iOS and Android and help to place them on the market.

Support & Maintenance

We offer multilevel support services for applications developed by our company or by any third party vendor. Xrom team will help you with troubles of any complexity level — from providing workarounds and hotfixes to security audit and application customization and enhancement.

Data Analysis

We are turning terabytes of transactional consumer data into actionable insights and frontline actions. Depending on the size, quality, and nature of your data, we apply different machine learning algorithms to deliver custom solutions that help you reach your business goals.

QA & Testing

Any software development project has an integral testing part within. Before we release your software, it goes through a testing process to ensure it is working in the intended manner and in the most efficient way on your side. We also provide Manual and Automative QA for a 3rd party solutions.



PHP / Laravel / Symfony / Golang / Node.js / ASP.NET


iOS / Swift / RxSwift / Objective-C / Android / Kotlin / Java / Flutter / Firebase


Vue.js / React.js / Angular / HTML5 / CSS3 / LESS / SASS / Twitter Bootstrap / Pixel Perfect


MySQL / MS SQL / MongoDB / NoSQL / PostgreSQL / SQLite


AWS S3 / Nginx / Apache / Linux / AWS EC2 / Redis / MS Server / Google Cloud


REST API / SOAP / SSO / OAuth / Varnish / DevOps / SPA / PWA

Data Analytics

Python / R / Azure / Keras / TensorFlow / Machine Learning / Neural Networks / RNN


Magento 2 / Magento Cloud / WordPress / Pimcore / Drupal


Git / Bitbucket / Docker / Slack / New Relic / Zapier / Gulp


Disciplined Agile Delivery / Scrum / Kanban / RUP / Roadmapping / Jira / Confluence


Photoshop / Sketch / Illustrator / Figma / Wireframes / Balsamiq / Invision


IDEF / DFD / ER Diagram / UML / BPMN / eEPC / Sparx

How We Work


All good projects start with a good idea that solves a real problem. Great projects require more than a strong problem statement. In order for your idea to become a successful solution, you’ll require a top-notch strategy for your project. A clear roadmap paves the way to benchmarks and milestones key to any expanding company. By our expertise, we cut the less-profit ways for your goals achievement and bring you an effective one. On this stage, you will get the answers to questions: What we should do? Why we should do it? How we can do it?

02Research & Analysis

After the vision has been formed at a high level, the next step is to deeply research the processes, needs, and priorities of the future project. We assign analysts with domain knowledge to elicit, analyze, validate and document all functional and non-functional requirements, data exchange flows, user interface components, and project scope. Based on specifications, wireframes, and prototypes we evaluate and validate the solution with stakeholders before the development process start. Combining this with the experience of our team, at the output we get a technological architecture and graphical interface that fully correspond to the final goal of the project. We move on, only when we are on the same page with the client.

03Project Planning

We carefully select those specialists, whose technical background, business domain expertise and previous experience fit to your particular project best. With the help of the team, we determine the critical stages of product development, calculate the terms and risks, and form the roadmap of the project. We organized our processes following the principles of Disciplined Agile Delivery to address all aspects of solution delivery from beginning to end in a streamlined manner.


Step-by-step your project turns into a formed technology solution. We deliver results by iterations, which includes weekly planning, daily reports & meetings, quality assurance, code review and analytics control, to be sure that on each stage we are going the right way. Non-stop monitoring help to avoid ineffective time spending, meet the requirements and to be prepared for changes that can appear during the process. Our corporate culture and proven project management process allow to deliver quality code just in time.

05Quality Assurance

Before the project launch, it goes through hard quality control. From requirement analysis through the development, implementation, and maintenance of solutions, we apply the right type of testing, either manual or automated, matching each particular stage of your software product lifecycle. We create a comprehensive testing mix for each application to ensure consistent quality. We test both end-to-end solutions and their discrete elements.


After the project complete, time to get it to work. We take care of all related aspects of your launch, from the IT environment and its scalability to building and improving your business processes. The team will be with you until you reach your goals.

07Support & Maintenance

After the final delivery, we proceed with the support & maintenance of the developed product. We provide monitoring, issue resolution, and continuous improvements for your software. This is not only about the availability of single units. It is about making the entire IT-infrastructure cost-effective and runs reliably.

Our Team

Vitaliy Tomilov


Stan Khromykh


Makar Konovalov


We are looking for you

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