1. Recognition of terms of use
Xrom Group cares about the privacy of its customers. For these purposes, a Privacy Policy has been developed, which includes rules for collecting, using, disclosing, transmitting and storing data about visitors to

You can use most of the pages on the website without providing any personal data, but in some instances, the provision of such information is necessary for the correct processing of your requests.

Please read the terms of this Privacy Policy carefully. Visiting and using the website means unconditional acceptance of the requirements of this Policy.

2. Use of the website
You can use the website only for legitimate personal non-commercial purposes. You cannot use the website in a way that can damage our servers or the network, overload them or disable them, or prevent others from using the website

You cannot use information retrieval tools, robots, or similar means of collecting and extracting data from the content of the website, highlight any part of the website or its content, as well as reproduce, reprint, copy, save, openly display, broadcast, transmit, modify, translate, transfer, publish, sublicense, transfer, forward, sell, lend or otherwise distribute web content from Site

3. Collection and use of personal information
When you visit the website, our web servers automatically collect data on the IP address from which you switched to, your IP address, type browser, and operating system. We view this data as non-personal information.

Xrom Group uses your IP address to:

Diagnosing problems with our servers
Administer our website (this data helps to understand which sections of the website are most frequently visited)
Track violations of this Policy and other rules of Xrom Group.
We do not bind to IP addresses to personal information. This means that all visitors to the website are tracked, but with anonymity.

The contact form on the website requires filling in the Name, E-mail and Company Name fields. We store and use this information for subsequent communication with you. We do not share information about your E-mail address to third parties without your consent.

4. Cookies
Cookies (cookies) are small text files into which the browser can write data received from a web server. When you go to a website page, the web server can read the information contained in the cookies.

These files help to understand customer behavior better, find out which sections of the website are most often visited, and also evaluate and improve the efficiency of advertising and web search. We view data collected through cookies and other technologies as non-personal information.

These files contain information about the IP address, type of browser and interface language, name of the ISP, entry and exit pages, the operating system, date and time stamps, and data on visits.

Like most websites, we collect data automatically and store it in log files. To disable cookies, use your browser settings.

5. Security
Xrom Group is serious about keeping your personal information safe. Xrom Group uses special means of technical protection to store your personal information.

6. Disclosure of personal information
Xrom Group may be required to disclose your personal information following the law, requirements of the judiciary, legal proceedings or at the request of the state authorities of your country of residence or other countries. We may also disclose your personal information if necessary for national security purposes, law enforcement, or for other publicly essential purposes.

7. Changes
Xrom Group reserves the right to make any changes to this Privacy Policy without prior notice.

8. Contact information
Any suggestions or questions about this Policy should be sent to the email address